Why Choose Holmes Roofing?

There are 3 key features that set us apart from the competition:


Detailed Measurement Report

When quoting you on your roof we use satellite imagery to provide you with a detailed measurement report of your roof that you get to keep for your records.

These reports allow us to provide you with faster, more accurate & transparent quotes than the competition so you don’t have to wait or schedule an appointment to get a price on your roof.



We use Hex bolts

We use the same Hex-bolt Screws with rubber washers that are used on metal roofing applications to fasten all of your vents and flashings instead of the standard roofing nail and tar.

Constant expansion & contraction of your vents and flashings on your roof may cause the tar to break down and the roofing nails to pop out causing potential leaks that can damage your roof.

Using Hex-bolt Screws with rubber washers creates better seals and can handle the expansion/contraction cycle.

Our goal at Holmes Roofing is to provide you with a roof that lasts.



Metal Valleys

The Valleys on your roof take the biggest beating compared to the rest of the roof and are usually the first places to fail and leak.

As you can see the shingles on most of this roof were fine but the valley is deteriorated.

5 more reasons to choose Holmes Roofing

  • We have over 30 years of roofing experience.
  • We are well known for using the highest quality products available.
  • We do not use sub-contractors.
  •  Amazing 10 year labor warranty on all workmanship
  • Highest quality workmanship we can give

And one more thing that separates us from the rest: the owners, myself and my father work on your roof. That helps us to maintain our reputation as first-class roof installers and re-roofers. Call us for a quote… you will be glad you did!

Holmes Roofing: we are dedicated to being the best roofers in the west.

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Alex Holmes
Holmes Roofing Ltd.


  • 10 Year Warranties.
  • Over 30 years of experience.
  • Family owned and operated.
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Holmes Roofing
Based on 10 reviews
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Nicole Lepage Greeve
Nicole Lepage Greeve
Alex was fantastic to work with. Very professional and friendly. They got the job done beautifully and very... efficiently! Highly recommend!read more
Patti Brown
Patti Brown
Alex and his team did a great job!! Very professional made sure everything was always clean and kept great... communication with us through the 3 days here!! Would definitely use them again!! Would recommend to anybody!!read more
Shannon Haltli
Shannon Haltli
Alex and his crew did a great job. Very professional and clean, made sure everything was covered or moved out the they... way before starting any work and took the time to clean up any nails and debris each night. Also were super accomodating - last minute we added our gazebo to be done to an already large job. Would highly recommend!!read more
Marijke Postma
Marijke Postma
Contacted Alex a year ago for a quote came back to him this year when we were ready to go the quote along with relevant... information answered all of our questions. Alex was very responsive and kept us updated as we drew closer to our date. they came finished In two days and left no trace that they had been here awesome group awesome job 👍🏻read more
Kyle Bleaney
Kyle Bleaney
Timely and very professional. Alex kept me well informed through the whole process. Extremely clear and transparent... billing. The new roof has been on for almost a year and looks great, would definitely use again.read more
Marina McGraw
Marina McGraw
I contacted Alex through a recommendation. He came out in the spring for an estimate and was very honest and told us... our roof would be good for another couple years. We did decide to have it done in the fall. Alex is very easy to work with, prompt in responding to requests, and he knows his stuff. His crew, they come to work, are very respectful and are super clean! (even checked the neighbour's yard for nails and any stray garbage) It took a day and a bit to get the job done, we have a 1100 sq ft bi-level with attached garage. Our bill ended up being less than the estimate too. Thank you Alex for a great job!read more
Mark Huson
Mark Huson
I thought I might have problem with moisture beneath my shingles. Called Alex at the recommendation of a friend. Alex... showed up, inspected my roof, checked my attic for issues and found nothing. He then proceeded to better secure some flashing near my chimney and tar the nail heads. Cost? I had to force him to take a few $$. Alex shows up, tells me he does not need to do anything major, does some basic maintenance and then, oh yeah, gives me advice to tell whoever I might get to redo my roof in the future. This fellow is a class act.read more
Adam Cissell
Adam Cissell
Ok. No lie. Great group. Great work. My house was in need of a new roof bad. Alex and the gang came and stripped the... roof, put the new one on and other than the new roof you’d never know they were here.read more
Craig McArthur
Craig McArthur
Don’t normally write reviews however I feel like my recent experience deserves one. We purchased a home with an... original cedar shake roof this past January that needed replacing. I’ve been in business for a long time and In my opinion very little separates the differences in services or products available but the 1 thing that I do firmly believe is the difference lies in the people. People buy people 1st and their service/ product 2nd. Before we even thought about choosing a company to do the roof, Alex pro-actively reached out to us and provided a quote 3 months ahead of the job. I knew nothing about roofing, but Alex was very likeable and easy to deal with. He was very thorough in explaining the different types of shingles and options available and made the process very easy. Lots of factors I’m sure determine the timing of a job, but Alex communicated with us on a regular basis keeping us up to date and when our job did come up, his crew was there when he said and ready to work. The crew was fantastic. Professional. Respectful. Hard working. Accommodating and Trustworthy. What you don’t see on the website, the quote or the invoice are the intangible qualities people have. You can’t teach these things, you either have it or you don’t. respect, work ethic, pride, loyalty. All qualities Alex and his team have. What really impressed me though, was his attention to detail and the willingness to go Above and Beyond without hesitation. To close. I need to share this story which will sum up What kind of a person Alex is. While The roof was being done, I also decided we were going to take on another project and replace our fence and I had scheduled to get wood delivered to the house on a Saturday which was last day of the roofing job. While the crew was finishing up the last section of roof, my original plan of getting fence materials to the house fell through and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Without hesitation, Alex offered his truck and trailer up to me to go get the wood. Very generous. I took him up on the offer as I didn’t have many options. As he was hooking the trailer up, he then offered to come with me so I didn’t feel too uncomfortable driving his massive truck and trailer in the city.. We get to Home Depot and get the materials ready for pick up and I quickly realize I was in way over my head. The amount of material and time required was way more than I expected. I figured Alex wasn’t going to be too pleased. And maybe he wasn’t but, he never once winced, whined complained. All he did was offer more help. He and I loaded all the materials onto his truck, trailer, roof rack anywhere else we could material onto. I’m talking 1000s of lbs of materials. Once loaded, we headed back to the house and then proceeded to unload by hand everything off the trailer and into my yard. I NEVER ASKED ONCE. He just did it. I am so pleased I hired Alex for the job. I learned so much about Alex and what makes him tick In the small amount of time I spent with Him in the truck while he was helping me. Obviously All the extra stuff was a bonus, and not expected. It just speaks to what kind of a person he is and how much he cares. I will absolutely recommend him to others and for future jobs. Cheers.read more
Susan White
Susan White
Great service. Respectful crew. We used them for two projects this year and I would use them again.